The leading engineering service provider in Telecom industry. The Company has been established since 2001 and originally focused its business in Thailand. The service has been expanded to various countries in Asia Pacific , thus, Carenett group of companies evolved that includes Singapore, Philippines, China, Indonesia and India.The service portfolio includes Network & System Planning, Network Implementation, Network Operation & Maintenance, Network Optimization, Project Management, Logistics, Material Sales, and Training Services.

Carenett realizes the importance of customers' business and the commitment required for achieving the satisfactory quality and efficient implementation within the given tight period. We progressively work with our customers to provide valuable service packages that best fit to their business needs.

Carenett has the effective, well-organized, and team-oriented employees in the area of telecommunications. Our workforce has an extensive background in telecommunications industry and has been specifically involved in the gradual migration from the archaic mobile network to the new era of cell phone system as GPRS or EDGE.

With our competent resources, Carenett goals are to enhance our competitiveness in order to capitalize on opportunities in the local and global market place. Carenett is confident to deliver professional engineering services to customers.


To be recognized as on one of the leading telecommunication service provider in Asia Pacific by year 2020 through providing optimum quality services and manpower resources in accordance to the standards set by the customer.


Commits to be the trusted and preferred telecommunication provider, offering excellent quality and full range services through a value driven workforce and effective management in fulfillment of customer satisfaction in adherence to community and environment standards.

Carenett's Business Strategies

"Carenett always streamline our management, planning, resources, and organization to correspond with the demand of global telecommunication market, and maintain the commitment with the high operational effectiveness to gratify the customers' anticipation."

Our Commitment

"Nothing is too important for us to overlook our quality of service."

Carenett comprehends that the customers' profitability gain and cost reduction are the meaningful key success factors. We entrust the business achievement by providing the huge return on investment base on outsourcing concept and eliminate the unnecessary cost in some low productivity area. We ensure the customer expectation is reachable.

Our Resources

Carenett employs teams of experienced field service staff that are dispatched for the provisions of services we offer to the customers.

We provide a useful competence development to our staffs and this is the most important key to success.

We consider that the successful management from starting to the end is directly related to the quality of our resources.

Safety Program

We are committed to a safety program that protects our staff, our property and the public from harm through proactive accident prevention. Employees at every level, including management, are responsible and accountable for the company's overall safety initiatives. We operate a comprehensive Health & Safety Management plan, which forms an integral part of all work practices.

Carenett First

The profound technical knowledge, high quality, efficient performance, qualified experience of our technical and managerial staffs, and predefined strategy formulation and implementation are what differentiate us from the rivals.

"Carenet behind your success."

Carenett Market Coverage

Blue C's represent the Target Market Coverage.
It includes Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
Red C's represent markets where we would also be capable to offer services.
It includes Malaysia, India, Japan, and USA.

Carenett_Philippines Inc.

Carenett_Philippines Inc. started its operation in 2006 expanding its business horizons within the Philippines’ telecom market. The company is the fastest growing company among the Carenett group of companies. It has been the main resource hub for engineering and manpower services to support the regional market.

Over the years, Carenett_Philippines Inc. have been assisting its customers in achieving their objectives. The company carefully molds itself around the specific needs of its customers. To date, the company is recognized as one of the major partners of Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei. It is also a service partner of Ericson, Aviat(Harris) and Bayantel.

Carenett_Philippines Inc. has two main services that include:

1. Task/Site based
The company commits to be the market leader in providing total engineering service solution. It provides implementation from survey, installation, commissioning and integration, and CARE of all BSS and NSS network elements. Likewise, the company provides site acquisition and civil work services.

2. Manpower Pooling
One of the company’s key successes in the business is the competence of people. We have a wide range pool of Engineers and Technical experts that are professionally trained and sourced for the provisions of required services of our customers. Our people have the expertise in Node B Installation and Commissioning, Network Planning and Optimization, Documentation, Job Integration, RNC, CS Core Applications, Field Management, OSS/WOC, RNC Tellabs, Transmission Planning, IP/CCNA and 2G Radio Optimization.

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